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Open Text  Which hotel categories does Europe Express offer?

Open Text  Can I submit special requests with my hotel reservation?

Open Text  What kind of room can I expect?

Open Text  What does it mean if my hotel is "on request?"

Open Text  What happens when a property that is "on request" is unable to confirm?


Open Text  What types of properties are included in your B&B voucher program?

Open Text  Are there different categories of B&B properties?

Open Text  Where are most B&B properties located, and do any exist inside major cities?

Open Text  Do all properties accept vouchers?

Open Text  Does a voucher guarantee my client a bed?

Open Text  Do my clients have to make reservations?

Open Text  How do I make reservations for my clients once I have purchased their vouchers?

Open Text  What are the standard check-in and check-out times?

Open Text  What is the difference between a standard and en suite room?

Open Text  What if I can't find a B&B in the area that I need?



Open Text  Can I upgrade my air ticket to business or first class?

Open Text  Will I receive frequent flyer miles from the airline?

Open Text  Can I request advanced seat assignments?

Open Text  Can I request special meals?

Open Text  Do you offer air only?

Open Text  What baggage fees can be expected?


Open Text  Do you need an international driver's permit to rent a car in Europe?

Open Text  Are automatic cars available in Europe?

Open Text  Is it possible to pick up the car in one country and drop it off in another?

Open Text  Is a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) necessary?

Open Text  Will my clients have to present a credit card on spot?

Open Text  Are there limits regarding where drivers may go?

Open Text  Do cars in Europe have internal GPS devices, or can one be rented?

Open Text  What can be anticipated regarding the size of cars in Europe?

Open Text  Which car rental companies does Europe Express use?

Open Text  Are there additional fees for a car rental?

Open Text  Is there a deductible for the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)?


Open Text  Can I book rail tickets and passes with Europe Express?

Open Text  Can I book seat assignments in advance?

Open Text  Can I book an overnight train?

Open Text  What documentation is required for crossing over a border by train?

Open Text  When will my client be asked to show their tickets?

Open Text  What is the difference between first and second class?



Open Text  When will my extra services be confirmed?

Open Text  How do my clients know where to meet for their services?

Open Text  When can I add travel extras?

Open Text  Can I book only a transfer or sightseeing?


Open Text  Does Europe Express offer any special products that I can suggest to my clients?

Open Text  How can I request custom product?


Open Text  May I pay net?

Open Text  How can I tell if my payment has been processed?

Open Text  What are the change penalties?

Open Text  What are the acceptable forms of payment?

Open Text  When is my final payment due?

Open Text  Is there any penalty for cancellation?

Open Text  Can I make a deposit?


Open Text  Is there a copy of the invoice that excludes commission?

Open Text  How do I print my travel documents?

Open Text  Where will I find the travel documents online?

Open Text  When will the travel documents be delivered?

Open Text  Can I print the travel documents more than once?

Open Text  How will I receive my travel documents?

Open Text  What should I do if my clients lose their documents?

Open Text  I would like to print my client's invoice. Why is the option unavailable?

Open Text  Am I able to edit your invoices?


Open Text  When will I receive my commissions?

Open Text  May I add an advisor markup?

Open Text  What does Europe Express pay in commission?


Open Text  What is the difference between agency and advisor registrations?

Open Text  What is the difference in the procedure?

Open Text  Do I need to be a travel advisor to book through Europe Express?

Open Text  Why is the W-9 required to set up my agency's profile?

Open Text  I have booked Europe Express in the past, but I cannot find or remember my password, how do I get/reset it?

Open Text  How can I change my password?

Open Text  We have several employees that are no longer employed with us. How can we have them removed from your list of our agency's advisors?

Open Text  I recently have transferred to another agency. Can I change my account?

Open Text  Since I have transferred, is it possible for me to take my future bookings with me?


Open Text  Do you have brochures?

Open Text  Will my clients need a passport and/or visa?

Open Text  Is a credit card required for travel?

Open Text  Can I enter the flight information for my clients' transfers online?

Open Text  Can I amend bookings online?

Open Text  Can I update passenger names and passport information online?

Open Text  Can I send a message to you online regarding a booking?

Open Text  What browsers are compatible with the Europe Express website?

Open Text  How can I get additional training on how to use the Europe Express website?


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