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Group Suggested Itineraries


Copenhagen, Berlin and the Hanseatic Ports of Northern Germany

9 Days

This fascinating itinerary was crafted to show you some of Europe’s most interesting historical sights. In just over a week you will visit Denmark’s grand capital city, explore German cities along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea of immense cultural heritage, and then spend a couple days in Germany’s lively capital city. And despite…

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavian Capitals Tour: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki

8 Days

Treat yourself to a relaxing yet fascinating trip to Scandinavia’s dazzling capital cities. You will be amazed at how very much one can see in just eight days! Guided sightseeing tours are included in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, but there is also free time built in the schedule for you and your fellow travelers…

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Canal vasteras Sweden

Golden Sweden Tour

9 Days

This week-long itinerary to Iceland was crafted to showcase the best of this Nordic pearl’s cultural heritage. Your group will tour ancient Norse settlements, learn about Icelandic medieval Sagas, and visit amazing natural sites that have served as dazzling backdrops in many Icelandic folktales. If you are seeking a true Icelandic cultural journey; black sandy…

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