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FIT Suggested Itineraries


A Tour of Central Europe's Iconic Capital Cities: Budapest, Vienna, and Prague

10 Days

This example itinerary from Europe Express whisks travelers away to Budapest’s vibrant flea markets, rejuvenating hot springs, and picturesque Danube cruises, Vienna’s majestic imperial castles and world-class museums, and Prague’s enchanting maze of cobbled lanes, Bohemian art galleries, and famed microbreweries, with scenic train rides revealing charming villages and rolling green pastures.

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Group Suggested Itineraries


Eastern Europe

18 Days

Discover the beauty of Eastern Europe with this itinerary which features the highlights of former Iron Curtain countries. Immensely rich in culture – and fascinating in its 20th century evolution – learn the history of Eastern Europe from antiquity to the Middle Ages to the Warsaw Uprising through the Cold War to the present.

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Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Chasing Magyar Kings, Bohemian Dukes and Holy Roman Emperors: The Best of Vienna, Budapest and Prague

11 Days

While Vienna, Prague and Budapest have undoubtedly been influenced by their former Austrian Habsburg rulers, this Central European itinerary will show you that each is absolutely distinct and unique! Vienna oozes classical elegance and houses some of the best museums and classical music venues in Europe. Budapest, a true melting pot of Western and Eastern…

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