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Sustainability Plan

Europe Express is part of the Travelopia portfolio of companies. Travelopia is driven by travel's potential for good; all Travelopia companies are unified in the common purpose: "To enrich lives through inspiring travel experiences," not only for our guests but also for the people and places we visit.

At Europe Express, our mission is to successfully grow our company in ways that encourage customers to travel with us again and again, Travel Advisors to trust us explicitly and recommend us to colleagues, vendors to value our partnership, and inspire our employees to be passionate, engaged, and helpful in our workplace and community.

Our near-term sustainability plans include measuring and reducing carbon emissions, improving our responsible operational standards, and bringing further benefit to the destinations where our clients travel. In addition, we are developing our long-term de-carbonizing strategy, and further strategies for encouraging the dispersal of tourism dollars by traveling outside of the busy high season, and to communities beyond major cities to help reduce instances of over-tourism.

Europe Express is a proud contributing member of Tourism Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to the long-term survival of the travel and tourism industry, which includes several sustainability initiatives.

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