Sustainability Plan

At Europe Express, our mission is to successfully grow our company in ways that encourage customers to travel with us again and again, for Travel Advisors to trust us explicitly and recommend us to colleagues, for vendors to value our partnership, and to inspire our employees to be passionate, engaged, and helpful in our workplace and community.

Our near-term sustainability plans include measuring and reducing carbon emissions, improving our responsible operational standards, and bringing further benefit to the destinations where our clients travel. In addition, we are developing our long-term de-carbonizing strategy, and further strategies for encouraging the dispersal of tourism dollars by traveling outside of the busy high season, and to communities beyond major cities to help reduce instances of over-tourism.

Europe Express is a proud contributing member of Tourism Cares, a non-profit organization dedicated to the long-term survival of the travel and tourism industry, which includes several sustainability initiatives.

Tourism Cares


As part of our commitment to climate and nature action, we've joined our sister companies across the Travelopia Group* to partner with Blue Marine Foundation.

Our objective is to help conserve the stunning coastlines and marine life that enrich your vacations and restore ocean ecosystems that are vital in tackling climate change. Together with our sister travel companies, we intend to donate at least $1 million over the next 3 years, with an aim to support the conservation and restoration of 7,000 hectares of vital marine ecosystems through seven global projects.

From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Kenya to Indonesia, these protected "blue carbon ecosystems" have the potential to remove and store thousands of tonnes of carbon every year. They will also help protect a rich diversity of coastal and underwater wildlife, including endangered species.

Our support will also enable the training and employment of local communities in marine conservation, helping ensure these beautiful places are preserved for generations. Through a combination of conservation, ecosystem restoration, research and community engagement, each project seeks to address the climate and biodiversity crisis in different ways, empowering and engaging local communities:

Greece - A blue carbon approach to saving Greek seas

Formentera - Safeguarding the future of ancient seagrass meadows

Kenya - Restoring Mida-Creek's mangrove forests

The Caribbean - Restoring blue carbon habitats and protecting unique marine ecosystems

Indonesia - Community-led restoration of Indonesia's extraordinary blue forests

Philippines - Restoring abandoned aquaculture ponds to productive mangrove forests

The Maldives - Restoring mangroves and seagrass for climate mitigation and resilience

*Europe Express is a member of the Travelopia group of travel companies which has come together to partner with Blue Marine Foundation.


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