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Advisor Support Webinars

Experiential Travel

Travel is all about new experiences: learning new languages, tasting new cuisines, and discovering new and exciting destinations. In this webinar, we'll discuss four experience-focused European itineraries—from seeing the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun in Finland to basking on the beaches of Portugal—that will help introduce your clients to a blend of popular attractions and less-visited locations.

Heritage Travel

Heritage travel is on the rise, and this webinar will give you the tools you need to help your clients trace their ancestry across the pond. We'll cover what's involved in a heritage trip, how to get started, tips for multi-generational trips, sample itineraries, and more.

Beyond the Cruise: Making the Most of a Pre Post Cruise

If your clients are planning a European cruise, tune in to learn the benefits of booking a pre- or post-cruise stay. We'll cover everything from how these stays help save valuable vacation time to why you should book them with Europe Express (including higher commissions!). We'll also lay out a few sample itineraries to give you and your clients some pre- and post-cruise inspiration.

How to Make a Booking

Uncover some of the best perks working with Europe Express, questions that qualify your clients and how to make a booking on the Europe Express website.

Make Your Group a Travel Success

In this webinar, we'll tell you about the types of groups we manage, what sets us apart from other group operators, and how we'll work with you to create hassle-free custom itineraries for your client's next European group adventure.

Family Travel in Europe

Learn the ins and outs of family travel in Europe. We'll talk about the best destinations, precautionary measures, tips for traveling with a family, and other vital information for your clients to know before they depart.

Navigating the Trains of Italy

With special co-host Philip Hendrich, West Coast Sales Director of RailEurope, we take you through a scenic journey on the rail system of Italy. Learn about two ways to book rail through Europe Express and what each service level includes.

Helpful Handouts:
-Trenitalia International Trains-
-Trenitalia Domestic Trains-

Europe 101: How to Build a Europe Package

Did you recently register with us or need a refresher about who we are and what we offer? Join us for a 30-minute overview of the products and services we provide only to travel trade professionals. In this session, we’ll also walk you through our website and show you how to book online 24/7.

Helpful Handout:
-Key Contact Flyer-

Destination Focused Webinars

Switzerland with the Experts

Switzerland has it all, from luminous lakes and tranquil Alpine meadows to sleepy villages and snow-capped peaks. Join us as we discover the magic of this stupefying country with the Switzerland Tourism Board. We'll explore all the best viewpoint and attractions, and walk you through how to book an exciting Swiss adventure for your clients.

Insider's Guide to Germany with Germany & Rail Europe

Discover the most memorable destinations in Germany (and how to navigate the country by rail) with expert insight provided by RailEurope and the Germany Tourism Board. This 45-minute webinar will conclude with instructions on how to get started with Europe Express.

Insider's Guide to Ireland

Journey with us across the small-but-mighty Emerald Isle! Along with our co-presenter Tourism Ireland, we'll discuss where to go, what to see, and how your clients can make the most of their Irish excursions. Register now and become an Ireland expert in no time!

Insider's Guide to Denmark with VisitDenmark

In this presentation, we'll explore the happiest country in the world: Denmark. While its shining star is undoubtedly Copenhagen, its regal, gorgeous and historic capital city, there is much else to see in this pristine, eco-friendly, and cosmopolitan country. With the help of the experts at VisitDenmark, we'll discover the land once ruled by Vikings, highlights to explore, and how to book through Europe Express.

Greece 101: Athens and the Greek Isles

The millennial, honeymooner, the European dreamy destination of Greece is on the bucket list of many Americans. Learn more about the islands, getting around, recommended hotels, sightseeing and tips while traveling this gorgeous, sun-smooched country.

Helpful Handout:
-Athens and the Greek Isles-


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